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KIDS SKILLS | Thursday 3 December |  Warung 2nd Floor | Time: 11.00am

Playful, Practical Solution-Finding for Children

Presented by Dr. Nicki Lorenzini (Ibu Nicki, Primary School counsellor)


Intended audience – the parents of Primary School aged children.

Kids Skills is a solution-focused, step-by-step method with which parents help children actively participate in overcoming their problems by learning new skills.

Kids Skills approach can work well with: bad habits (nail biting, hair twisting, unwanted sleeping or eating habits); fears and nightmares; unhelpful behaviours (not managing emotions well, getting easily distracted, talking back); low self-esteem; hard-to-learn skills (from multiplication tables to bike riding); difficulties accepting help; friendship issues; problems with routine tasks (homework, morning or bedtime routines), unhelpful competitiveness, and more!!

Presenter information:

Dr. Nicki Lorenzini is a psychologist who has worked in International Schools for over 20 years. Currently she is the Primary School counsellor at GS. Her preferred methodology is solution focused, and Kids Skills is one of many approaches she favours in her daily work with children and their families.

Cost of the event: Donation based. All proceeds will go to the Kul-Kul Connections fund.

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