Final GSPA meeting for the semester | Dec 3

The final GSPA meeting for the year is just around the corner. Please note the change of date and venue – Thursday 3 December, 8.45 – 10.00, Yoga Studio
The agenda will include:
  1. School approach to managing bullying,
  2. GS Learning Principles, food policy,
  3. The Great Green School Debate and more.
  4. The meeting will be immediately followed by two break-out,
  5. bonus sessions which we would love you to join – 1) Strategic Planning Focus Discussion, 2) Progressing a School food policy. 

Strategic Review

Hungry to learn about what happened with all the great recommendations of the Strategic Review? Want to get involved in developing the School’s plans?

Come and join the Strategic Plan session after the GSPA meeting this Thursday (3 Dec) at the Yoga studio! Learn about the Strategic Review and what progress has been made since, what the short term priorities and longer term goals are for the School. Discuss how you could get involved to help the thinking, and how we could keep you better informed throughout the process. See you on Thursday – please check out the StratPlan website in the meantime:

Workshops @GreenSchool

KIDS SKILLS | Thursday 3 December |  Warung 2nd Floor | Time: 11.00am

Playful, Practical Solution-Finding for Children

Presented by Dr. Nicki Lorenzini (Ibu Nicki, Primary School counsellor)


Intended audience – the parents of Primary School aged children.

Kids Skills is a solution-focused, step-by-step method with which parents help children actively participate in overcoming their problems by learning new skills.

Kids Skills approach can work well with: bad habits (nail biting, hair twisting, unwanted sleeping or eating habits); fears and nightmares; unhelpful behaviours (not managing emotions well, getting easily distracted, talking back); low self-esteem; hard-to-learn skills (from multiplication tables to bike riding); difficulties accepting help; friendship issues; problems with routine tasks (homework, morning or bedtime routines), unhelpful competitiveness, and more!!

Presenter information:

Dr. Nicki Lorenzini is a psychologist who has worked in International Schools for over 20 years. Currently she is the Primary School counsellor at GS. Her preferred methodology is solution focused, and Kids Skills is one of many approaches she favours in her daily work with children and their families.

Cost of the event: Donation based. All proceeds will go to the Kul-Kul Connections fund.

Further questions? Write to us at

Weekly Update: Shift, Farmers Market, Field Trip and More

Shifty People
All our Shift participants are 2/3rds of the way through their 21 day challenge! Congratulations, you have one week to go until you reach your goal.

The support and fun will continue to come your way as we move into the final week. For inspiration and information, check out the ‘Shift 2015 – GS 21 day challenge‘ Facebook group or the notice board near the Green School Shop for daily updates on the dynamic Shift program. We look forward to the end of Shift celebrations next Friday.

An Enterprising Community

Did you enjoy the experience of the Green School Farmers Market? It sure seems that way. Stalls were packed and many of us returned home with unique goodies to enjoy. You will be delighted to know that the market will continue on 20 November, 4 December (as part of Bamboopalooza) and 11 December.

We love seeing enterprising children involved. So if you or your child have an idea to give a stall a go, please email to find out more and register.

Final GSPA meeting for the semester

The final GSPA meeting for the year is just around the corner. Please note the change of date and venue – Thursday 3 December, 8.45 – 10.00, Yoga Studio. This is your chance to find out about what is in store for next semester, have your say in the strategic priorities of our School and join the discussion on issues and ideas that are on the minds of our parent community. Please email to submit an agenda item.

Parent Field Trip – Emporium Adventures, Monday 30 November

Earlier this school year, parents ventured out on a field trip for a beautiful water blessing. We have one more outing planned this semester and plenty more for second semester.

Come along on Monday 30 November, 9 – 2pm and get your shopping groove on with a trip to some hidden shopping gems. Go to the source, where retailers make their wholesale purchase of all manner of curios. With some bargains in the bag, we will enjoy lunch together somewhere along the way back to school.
Rp. 150,000 pp includes transport to and from school and a gorgeous shopping bag. Please RSVP to



We are excited to announce the launch of a new and much needed initiative here at Green School and what we hope will be the first of many kemBali centres on the island.

What is kemBali ?

KemBali is a not-for-profit thrift shop, recycling and responsible waste disposal location in one.

Where is kemBali ?

Nowhere yet but it is in the final planning stages and will be built on the current scooter park next to the security guard hut (just before the main entrance to Green School).

How does kemBali work ?

The thrift shop will be the main source of income for kemBali and ensure it can cover its running costs so we need GS families to get behind the project and make regular donations of secondhand items to the store.  We also see kemBali as a place where outgoing families can donate useful household stuff for incoming families to purchase.  This way we can reduce the consumption of the GS community as a whole. In addition to the thrift store kemBali will be a community recycling centre. Materials will be used in school art projects/ upcycling workshops and any excess materials will be sold on to Eco-Bali and other existing recycling companies.  kemBali will be the focus of reduce/re-use/recycling efforts at Green School.

The Kul Kul Connection

The Kul Kul Connection is a group of Green School stakeholders that seeks to promote and nurture stronger ties between Green School and its surrounding villages.

Meetings are held on a twice monthly basis to generate ideas around joint projects, to formulate action plans, and to monitor ongoing issues.

Permaculture Gardens

Growing food on our campus is a top priority and our gardens are very precious. We continue to explore new ways of growing food in a more sustainable way. We are currently work with Mark Garrett and Orin Hardy to put in place a plan for a more extensive permaculture garden program across the campus. This is a wonderful way to get closely connected to our gardens and food.