Bali’s Hidden Treasures – Hop on Board

When you are a nomadic settler, like Green School parent Leah, having lived in nine countries, you become well versed in gathering information. Learning about other cultures, seeking off the beaten track information, people and places is her passion. Leah has been out and about all over this incredible island we call home and with a treasure trove of learning to share, GSPA is delighted to have Leah as our tour guide for parent outings this term.
Every two weeks, Leah will be taking to the road in the BioBus, in search of adventure, fun and shared learning experiences.
Are you interested in shopping at places you might never have heard about, at prices you won’t believe, or a museum or historical sight that you have yet to discover, or a special place for massages and relaxation? Leah can take you there! Always interesting and always fun, the outings leave at 9, are back by 2.30 and include a lunch stop along the way.
Leah’s next outing will be on Monday 15 February to Pasifika museum – an amazing treasure trove of Asian Pacific art and culture. Click here for more information on this outing and to reserve your seat. Please share any ideas for journeys to and keep your eyes on the newsletter for details on the following trip, planned for 29 February.
Bali’s hidden treasures – Pasifika Museum
What a discovery! An incredibly extensive and well-curated museum is waiting to be explored by Green School Parents on our next outing. This treasure trove of art, craft and culture from the Asian Pacific region is located in Nusa Dua and we are heading there on the BioBus onMonday 15 February. Our trusty guide, Leah, is an artist and educator and has arranged a discounted admission and an English speaking guide. We will be guided through the collection which not only encompasses the region but also a Matisse and Gaughan work.
 We will depart at 9am and be back by 2.30. As always, our trusty guide, Leah, will find us an interesting and pleasant place to have lunch along the way. The cost of Rp240,000 includes museum entry, guided tour, BioBus, driver tip, entrance to the museum and a little free gift. Email us at to reserve you seat. All aboard!