gspaThe Green School Parent Association (GSPA), strives to ‘hold the heart’ of the school, understanding that a healthy, inspired and engaged parent community represents a vital asset to Green School. The GSPA’s contribution to Green School seeks to build community spirit, encourage student retention and enrollment, support positive action, resource contributions and provide a positive image to the wider community.

The Green School vision and ethos bind the school leadership team, teachers, administrators, parents, students and the Board as a community. The collective parent body seeks to play their part in nurturing and sustaining community spirit, true to the ethos of the School. Green School recognizes the valuable contribution parents make to the development of the School and the important role they play as partners in the evolving educational philosophy, principles and policies of Green School.

Involved parents understand the challenges and can become part of the solution. The GSPA provides a place and a mechanism for valuable parent ideas and feedback to be explored and parent contributions maximized.


The mission of the GSPA is to inform, inspire and energize parent participation in a manner that sustains the health and vitality of Green School and its community.

In working towards this mission, the GSPA recognizes that a foundation of open communication between the parent community and the Leadership Team, Administration and the Green School Board of Directors, is key to collaboration and successful outcomes.

Objectives and Role

Parents are authentic partners in the education of their Green School children and have a role to play in the development of the educational environment, philosophy and policies of Green School.

The GSPA objectives are:

  1. Maintain Excellent Communication – Provide opportunities for consultation and collaboration between all members of the Green School community.
  2. Enhance Resources – Undertake fundraising activities to enhance the learning environment for the children (in coordination with school priorities and event plans).
  3. Nurture the Green School Spirit – Bring the community together through organizing inclusive, community building events.
  4. Embrace and Support Families – Welcome new families and teachers and strengthen the whole community through providing a support network for living in Bali.
  5. Support Good Policy/Decision-Making – Contribute in an efficient and meaningful way to the development of school policies and procedures (including providing regular reports to the Board of Directors).
  6. Leverage Volunteer Power – Organize parent helpers to support community events, projects and teacher needs.

The GSPA is a formal structure recognized by the school and works collaboratively and in coordination with other relevant school groups and key personnel (eg: other school committees, the events coordinator etc). The GSPA is committed to carrying out its role in a manner that demonstrates the Green School values.

The GSPA will determine its priorities in accordance with the prevailing views of the membership and in accordance with the role and objectives on which it was founded.

The GSPA does not have a role in pursuing individual parent or child related matters. These matters are best pursued through the relevant class room teacher, in line with the escalation procedure specified by the school. In addition to this, the GSPA does not have a role in pursuing initiatives or complaints that do not receive broad support from the membership, or are not in alignment with the goals of Green School.

Membership and Voting

The GSPA is an inclusive group and all parents of children currently enrolled at Green School are automatic members. The formal leadership structure is as follows:

One Chair
Two Co-Chairs
One Treasurer
One Secretary
The Membership

Responsibilities within the GSPA leadership team are as follows:

  1. The role of the Chair is to effectively chair meetings (including facilitating discussion and inclusion) and ensuring the timely preparation and presentation of reports to the Leadership Team and of Board of Directors.
  2. The role of the Co-Chairs is to support the Chair and fulfill the duties of the Chair position as necessary, in the absence of the Chair.
  3. The Secretary is responsible for preparing the agenda, recording and distributing minutes, distributing meeting documents and maintaining relevant documents/records.
  4. The Treasurer is responsible for managing any monies of the GSPA and preparing and presenting financial reports at the meetings.
  5. The membership is encouraged to attend meetings, review issues for consideration, participate in votes and contribute constructively and respectfully to discussions.

The key roles of Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be held for a one year term.

Annual elections are to be managed via the following steps:

  1. Each candidate must be nominated by two parents.
  2. Candidates must be enrolled at Green School for a further, full one year period from the time of the vote.
  3. Candidates will share their vision and experience with the school community via the Newsletter and Parents Facebook page as well as at a meeting on campus.
  4. Elections will take place over a one week period either by email or paper ballot.
  5. The counting of votes will be overseen by a parent representative and a representative from the school management team.

The roles of Secretary and Treasurer will be filled via a call for volunteers at the time of elections or at the first annual meeting of the GSPA. A vote may be taken at this time if necessary.

The processes to fill the formal roles will be repeated annually upon expiration of the one year term or earlier should a position become vacant due to departure or resignation.

For further detailed information, position descriptions and election information, please refer to the GSPA Election Guidelines 2015 document, located on Sentral.
Meeting Procedures and Protocols

Monthly meetings are central to the operations of the GSPA. This is the community’s opportunity to come together with the school Leadership Team to share ideas, give feedback and develop solutions.

Meeting procedures are as follows:

  1. The GSPA will meet monthly, on the of each month at 8.45am, at a suitable location on campus.
  2. Applications for agenda items may be lodged at any time via the GSPA page on the parent portal.
  3. Notification of meeting details including an agenda will be emailed one week prior to the meeting.
  4. Meeting minutes will be circulated in draft form following every meeting, for consideration and finalization, via Sentral (or other appropriate means).
  5. Standing agenda items will include reports from the Leadership Team, tabling of financial reports and rolling action-item report.
  6. Other standing agenda items may include reports from the Leadership Team, Class Ambassadors, any Committees formed, Student Council representative, school project leaders etc.
  7. Where necessary, a vote may be taken on an issue. A majority vote of present members is required for an order to stand.
  8. The Green School Board of Directors will receive a formal report from the GSPA at every Board meeting or as required.
  9. During the course of meetings, GSPA members will demonstrate the Green School IRESPECT values at all times.


Standing GSPA Committees will be formed as appropriate. This may include Committees on Fundraising, Family Events, Enrichment, Health and Wellness etc. As necessary, project-based Committees may form for a temporary period. This may be around a specific project or school event.

Membership Dues and Financial Management

The compulsory membership dues are set at Rp200,000 per annum. This fee is to be included in the annual school fees, to be collected by the school.

Membership fees and other funds raised are to be kept and applied to initiatives which support the objectives of the GSPA (as determined by the membership from year to year). Transparency, full disclosure and accountability are to be maintained at all times. Proper books and accounts are to be kept and maintained correctly. The Treasurer will present financial reports at each meeting and books are to be open for inspection at all reasonable times to any member.

For more information on the GSPA, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and Election Guidelines 2015 via the Parent Portal or email