Living Green Series – Amazing Healthy Meals with Fresh Local Ingredients

Wednesday, 13 April, 9.00 onwards

Adam Guthrie, professional chef, expert in plant-based nutrition, founder of and Green School parent, is going to teach us practical ways to heal the body and the planet. Come along for a day of fun and deliciousness, as Adam shares with us how food choices affect our health and the health of the planet. Learn practical ways to make your locally grown, seasonal produce the hero of the plate and have a great time in the process.  For more information and to rsvp to

Going Viral – making amazing short films on your phone

Monday 21 march, 10.30 to 3.00

Want to learn how to shoot, edit and narrate short films on your phone? At worst, films that will not bore your friends and family and, at best, will go viral and inspire the masses? The join us for this one-time-only master class. Just rp300,00 will give you a day of instruction, practice, tips, traps and inspiration. An iphone, smart phone, video camera or an ipad are the only tool you will need. Bring your imagination and your device and join this fun day at school. Please rsvp to

Reflex Healing Neurodevelopmental Therapy Workshop

 Thursday, 17 March, 8.45 – 10.30, upstairs Green Warung

Facilitated by Linda Stevens, this event will explore some of the root causes behind ADHD, dyslexia, autism spectrum, sensory processing disorders and more. We will explore Primitive Reflexes and how they affect the development of the nervous system, how to identify your child’s retained primitive reflexes as well as tools such as skin stimulation and rhythmic movement to improve learning, sensory processing and social/emotional maturity. Linda Stevens trained with renowned neuro-developmental therapist, Robert Allen, operates her own private practice in California and is a teacher trained in Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and traditional early childhood education.

Time for a Change – Living Green Showcase Event

16 March | 9.00 – 14.00

Just for you Green School parents, our first ever, practical, household focused, inspirational and fun workshop on green living. This exciting event will showcase all elements of how our households can be more earth friendly by making simple and accessible changes which will save you money. From what we eat and where we buy it, how we clean our homes and ourselves, through to managing waste and water, this event has it covered!

The Green School Student Village is a showcase of inspiration and will open the doors for us to explore all the practical and accessible ways we can make changes to every aspect of our households. We will share a morning snack and lunch together – all produced locally and sustainably – delicious!

This event is sponsored by the GSPA, with lunch by donation. Let us know you are coming – rsvp to

Look out for more in this series, which will roll-out weekly:

  • Garden to plate – easy growing, preparing and cooking with local produce.
  • Health and happiness – medicinal plants, natural remedies and holistic health.
  • Cleaning with a conscious – natural cleaning solutions and keeping bugs at bay.
  • Body beautiful – lessons from our mother (earth) on keeping beautiful – naturally.
  • Waste not – ‘walk the talk’ a walking presentation on all things waste in Bali.
  • Cycling foodies – bicycle tour of the local area to discover healthy food on our doorstep.

Green School Writers Club – stories from the heart

Wednesday 24 February, 10.00 to 11.00

upstairs Green Warung

For experienced and budding writers, bloggers and film-makers, this exciting new club is here to unearth your inner story-teller. Please come along to the first gathering where we can learn more about this opportunity to tell stories from the heart of Green School and access a real editorial and publishing platform.

Workshops @GreenSchool

KIDS SKILLS | Thursday 3 December |  Warung 2nd Floor | Time: 11.00am

Playful, Practical Solution-Finding for Children

Presented by Dr. Nicki Lorenzini (Ibu Nicki, Primary School counsellor)


Intended audience – the parents of Primary School aged children.

Kids Skills is a solution-focused, step-by-step method with which parents help children actively participate in overcoming their problems by learning new skills.

Kids Skills approach can work well with: bad habits (nail biting, hair twisting, unwanted sleeping or eating habits); fears and nightmares; unhelpful behaviours (not managing emotions well, getting easily distracted, talking back); low self-esteem; hard-to-learn skills (from multiplication tables to bike riding); difficulties accepting help; friendship issues; problems with routine tasks (homework, morning or bedtime routines), unhelpful competitiveness, and more!!

Presenter information:

Dr. Nicki Lorenzini is a psychologist who has worked in International Schools for over 20 years. Currently she is the Primary School counsellor at GS. Her preferred methodology is solution focused, and Kids Skills is one of many approaches she favours in her daily work with children and their families.

Cost of the event: Donation based. All proceeds will go to the Kul-Kul Connections fund.

Further questions? Write to us at