Meeting of the Tribe – Parent Gathering

Friday 15 January | 08.45am | Warung

The Green School parent community comes together from all corners of the globe as a tribe, with a common purpose to experience a different way of education and living. We are an incredibly diverse community but have always been a wonderful extended family for those of us who are far from our home countries. Our community is a place where both local and global friendships are nurtured. Where support and help is never far from reach and where we learn together and from each other.

The Green School Parents Association is here to support parents and the school and we are looking forward to offering many meaningful and fun experiences this semester. We can’t wait to share our calendar of events with you soon!

Let’s start by welcoming new parents into our community and reconnecting with old friends. Please come along to a parent morning tea on Friday 15 January, 8.45, after student drop-off. Looking forward to welcoming new parents and give old friends a hug.

Final GSPA meeting for the semester | Dec 3

The final GSPA meeting for the year is just around the corner. Please note the change of date and venue – Thursday 3 December, 8.45 – 10.00, Yoga Studio
The agenda will include:
  1. School approach to managing bullying,
  2. GS Learning Principles, food policy,
  3. The Great Green School Debate and more.
  4. The meeting will be immediately followed by two break-out,
  5. bonus sessions which we would love you to join – 1) Strategic Planning Focus Discussion, 2) Progressing a School food policy. 

Strategic Review

Hungry to learn about what happened with all the great recommendations of the Strategic Review? Want to get involved in developing the School’s plans?

Come and join the Strategic Plan session after the GSPA meeting this Thursday (3 Dec) at the Yoga studio! Learn about the Strategic Review and what progress has been made since, what the short term priorities and longer term goals are for the School. Discuss how you could get involved to help the thinking, and how we could keep you better informed throughout the process. See you on Thursday – please check out the StratPlan website in the meantime: