Going Viral – making amazing short films on your phone

Monday 21 march, 10.30 to 3.00

Want to learn how to shoot, edit and narrate short films on your phone? At worst, films that will not bore your friends and family and, at best, will go viral and inspire the masses? The join us for this one-time-only master class. Just rp300,00 will give you a day of instruction, practice, tips, traps and inspiration. An iphone, smart phone, video camera or an ipad are the only tool you will need. Bring your imagination and your device and join this fun day at school. Please rsvp to gspa@greenschool.org.

GSPA Meeting March 21

Monday 21 March | 08.4 | Sangkep

All parents/caregivers are members of the GSPA, so that includes you! Please join us at the next meeting and get up to date on all that is going on in our school, hear about what is on parents’ minds and close the loop on some outstanding items.

Proposing an agenda item
If you have an issue you would like to propose for the GSPA meeting agenda, simply email gspa@greenschool.org and give us the low-down on your thoughts (idea, concern, possible solution). We collate all issues and prioritise for up-coming meetings. Come along to speak to your issue, or, if you can’t make it, we will bring it forward on your behalf.

Before you send us an email, please check the following:

  • If your issue pertains to your individual child or an immediate operational issue, please channel it appropriately through the school.
  • Consider possible solutions to your concern as part of bringing the issue forward.
  • Be ready to speak to or write to your issue or idea so we can all understand.
  • We always keep in mind the IRESPECT values when bringing forward a concern.
  • Please remember we are all volunteers, ideas for new community initiatives are great, but even better when we come with a commitment to lend a hand to bring them to life.

We love having loads of parents and great discussion at the meetings. We also respect people’s precious time commitment so we always stick to the agenda.

Record of actions from 22 February GSPA Meeting


Action Item Status

Clarify & publish the parent/student procedure for handling discrepancies on cash cards

Installation of fans in high school classrooms and sangkep

In progress

Water coolers with cold water throughout the school

In progress

Consideration of a parent survey to identify the issues with the cashless card


Call for cooperation from parents in regards to dropping off at front entrance – cars are to proceed into the carpark before students and parents disembark please

In progress

School to publish Behavior Management Policy and Food Policy


Email regarding re-enrolment and detail on tuition/program changes for next year

Lunch time to be reviewed so that young students don’t miss out. Open
Items to be carried forward Meeting

Safety and Security

21 March
Parent/student communications 21 March
Toilet renovations 21 March

Reflex Healing Neurodevelopmental Therapy Workshop

 Thursday, 17 March, 8.45 – 10.30, upstairs Green Warung

Facilitated by Linda Stevens, this event will explore some of the root causes behind ADHD, dyslexia, autism spectrum, sensory processing disorders and more. We will explore Primitive Reflexes and how they affect the development of the nervous system, how to identify your child’s retained primitive reflexes as well as tools such as skin stimulation and rhythmic movement to improve learning, sensory processing and social/emotional maturity. Linda Stevens trained with renowned neuro-developmental therapist, Robert Allen, operates her own private practice in California and is a teacher trained in Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and traditional early childhood education.

Living Green

Sustainable Household Showcase Event

 16 March | 9.00 – 14.00, Bamboo Village
Just for you Green School parents, our first ever, practical, household focused, inspirational and fun workshop on green living. From what we eat and where we buy it, how we clean our homes and ourselves, through to managing waste and water, this event has it covered!
The Green School Student Village is a showcase of inspiration and will open the doors for us to explore new ways of living. We will share a morning snack and lunch together – all produced locally and sustainably – delicious! A donation towards the cost of lunch, on the day, would be lovely.
We will meet in the green warung area and walk together across the bridge to the Bamboo Village. Let us know you are coming – rsvp to gspa@greenschool.org.
Look out for more in this series, which will roll-out weekly:
• Garden to Plate – inspiration and practical skills on preparing and cooking with local produce that your family will love.
• The Red Tent – all things special to women – health, emotions, wisdom.
  • Body beautiful – lessons from our mother (earth) on keeping beautiful – naturally.

Spa Sojourn

Monday, 14 March, 9.00 to 2.30
A mixture of purpose and sheer relaxation – this is going to be a special experience. The most beautiful day spa is going to be all ours for the day. We will begin with a choice of one hour treatments massage Rp.180,000, facial Rp.170,000, manicure Rp.160,000 or pedicure Rp170,000 plus tax and gratuity. After we are all done with the treatments, we can enjoy a swim, sauna and jacuzzi. A light lunch will be provided while we lounge pool-side. This gorgeous spa is a registered not-for-profit enterprise and, so this is pampering with a purpose. We are booking out the spa for the day, so cannot afford cancellations. We have space for 10-15 people only, so please do rsvp to gspa@greenschool.org by Friday 11 March and pay Rp 190,000 to support the BioBus, GSPA and all that they do for you.