We are excited to announce the launch of a new and much needed initiative here at Green School and what we hope will be the first of many kemBali centres on the island.

What is kemBali ?

KemBali is a not-for-profit thrift shop, recycling and responsible waste disposal location in one.

Where is kemBali ?

Nowhere yet but it is in the final planning stages and will be built on the current scooter park next to the security guard hut (just before the main entrance to Green School).

How does kemBali work ?

The thrift shop will be the main source of income for kemBali and ensure it can cover its running costs so we need GS families to get behind the project and make regular donations of secondhand items to the store.  We also see kemBali as a place where outgoing families can donate useful household stuff for incoming families to purchase.  This way we can reduce the consumption of the GS community as a whole. In addition to the thrift store kemBali will be a community recycling centre. Materials will be used in school art projects/ upcycling workshops and any excess materials will be sold on to Eco-Bali and other existing recycling companies.  kemBali will be the focus of reduce/re-use/recycling efforts at Green School.